Ukrainian refugees

Displaced people arriving from Ukraine are entitled to free compulsory sickness and disability insurance.

The "Centres Publics d'Action Sociale" (Public Social Care Centres), social workers and ordinary citizens can now offer advice and assistance for registration with the CAAMI-HZIV for the provision of healthcare cover.


They can only register as a Resident beneficiary.

The following documents must be provided:

  • CAAMI-HZIV registration form (completed and signed)
    • Important note: please indicate a bank account number in the registration form!
    • Under item 2.1: only indicate 'temporary protection'.
    • Under item 3: please indicate dependants.
    • CAAMI-HZIV documents are, unfortunately, only available in French, Dutch and German.
  • Copy of a temporary protection document:

    • temporary protection certificate

    • registration certificate 


  • "Card A: Limited stay" residence permit

If you are assisting someone with completion of this form, please provide your contact details in case we should require any further information.

Please send the requested documents by post to one of our regional offices (the office nearest to the place of residence of the refugee or refugee’s family).

You can also drop them off in one of our mailboxes, however, please note that email submissions are not accepted.

Contact details for our regional offices are available on this page.

Please ask any questions using the contact form.

What cover is provided?

As a public institution, the CAAMI-HZIV provides compulsory healthcare insurance coverage (beneficiary and dependants) to Ukrainian refugees:

  • Participation towards healthcare costs (doctors, medicines, hospitalisation, etc.).
  • Reimbursement of healthcare costs at the increased rate.

No contribution is required for any additional services.

From when?

Entitlement to cover (including entitlement to the increased rate of reimbursement) is applicable from the first day of the quarter during which the temporary protection certificate or registration certificate was issued to the person concerned.

How long?

The Belgian State has granted temporary protection to refugees fleeing Ukraine. At present, this protection has a minimum duration of one year. Health insurance cover will remain active for as long as temporary protection is guaranteed.

How does it work?

CAAMI-HZIV services are the same as those provided by a mutual health insurance company.

Reimbursement of costs is made in line with the same basic procedures. More details of our services are available on the CAAMI-HZIV website, as are the instructions on how to make a claim.